is a worthy service that provides stylish color accents around the room. It will help you create a unique and elegant atmosphere. This sets the difference between a boring space and an eye-pleasing room. You can accent any color on the walls, tables, or columns, etc. It is a transforming experience you cannot miss.  


Want to add a little more style and elegance to the dance floor? With mono grams you can have words, logos and even your name glowing on the floor. We provide different fonts, colors, and sizes to make what you want. This will add to the memories of an unforgettable night.


The Visual addon effect is a great addon feature for your event. Relive the past and present at your event with a photo montage. We will produce and set music to your montage and present them on our video displays. 

As an alternative to the traditional montage you can simply have Top 40 music videos playing or have a custom background with your name displayed on our TVs

Intelligent Lighting

Want to make the dance floor more appealing? Intelligent lighting is the way to go . They are the club style lighting you see at the biggest night clubs. We have moving head lights that sync to the speed of the music either fast or slow. We can also use accent colors that will match your event’s theme.

Photo Booth

      G Sounds entertainment provides a fantastic, well-equipped photo booth that will give your guests a chance to record and keep memories of that night. This service includes high quality prints with customizable backgrounds and a Prop Box that will make your pictures even more memorable. Super fast and amazing photos pop out as quickly as your guests can take them. We can deliver them instantly into each users inbox or users can pull them from our site. We also include a trained photobooth attendant to guarantee you the best photobooth experience. We have two style photo booths, our enclosed style as well as our open style. 

Dancing On Clouds

Dancing on the clouds adds that amazing effect. 

 Your feet never feel like they touch the ground on your wedding day, so why not share that feeling with your guests? This is a beautiful enhancement to your first dance and a unique way to delight your guests. Add this with our a lighting package and really feel the elegance at on your special day.

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